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Bouquets bloemenand flower arrangements are assembled in close consultation with the client, the supplier and ProFlora.

The ideas are developed at specialised florist outlets and processing companies domestically and abroad, and bouquets are produced both by hand as well as partially by machine.

Single-stem bunches are assembled and made ready for sale on assignment from ProFlora by growers and/or by processing companies. Especially in recent years, growers have become more willing to contribute this added value to their products. This in turn enhances the products’ quality level.

boeketIn the above named processes, ProFlora keeps a close eye on performance and continually measures the result against the desired end product. ProFlora packages the flowers according to the client’s specifications. Our starting point for all we do is to provide an optimum supply to and presentation within the stores we serve.

Cut flowers are stored in 500m2 refrigerated facilities for processing and shipping purposes.