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Product range

ProFlora clients have the option to compile their product range from three separate product groupings:


Single-stem bunches monobos

This group comprises products compiled according to season, quality and colour and may be offered in various combinations, lengths and price categories. In this instance, you might consider 7-stem tulip bunches, roses packed in 30-stem bunches or lilies packaged in 5-stem groupings.

Bouquets boeket

Every country has its own taste and preferences in flowers, and this is certainly true for this product category. Together with the client and the processing companies, we develop various bouquet ranges. For this group, a balanced assortment, presentation, and logical pricing are of prime importance.

Flower arrangements bloemarre

In recent years, the flower arrangement has earned a prominent position on store shelves. Whether it concerns holiday centrepieces or an off-season promotion, in recent years ProFlora has developed and launched several attractive promotions in this area!